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One of the biggest problems any drag strip has is the laying down of rubber onto the surface. Weather makes the rubber peel up and last year certainly taxed everyone’s senses with weather-related problems.

To address this issue, South Georgia Motorsports Park is pleased to announce the addition of a Fast Chassis tire dragging machine to add to their arsenal of drag strip track preparation equipment.

“We’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the curve and with this new piece of equipment, we’ll be able to do just that,” track owner Rowland Wood said.

The ability to re-apply rubber to the surface is key to race cars adhering to the track. Oftentimes the race cars themselves will put down enough rubber but in the case of the Drag Radial cars or motorcycles both of which race a fair amount of times at the Cecil, Georgia facility, they simply aren’t able to do that.

Being able to accomplish that task in a short amount of time is sometimes impossible. Wood added, “We now have the ability to scrape the entire track in about four hours. But it always took longer than that to reapply the rubber and properly prep the track with the old method. This new machine will cut that time down considerably.

“There are also a fair amount pro teams who test with us during the year,” Wood said, “and we wanted to be able to give them the type of consistent race track they run on the national event basis.”

Expected delivery for the new machine is early February in plenty of time for the first Summit Points Race, The Chase Championship Playoffs set for February 8-9. From there, the radial tire racers will take to the track February 20-23 followed by the track’s Ultimate Sportsman Weekend March 6-9.  The NHRA pros will also take to the track for pre-Gatornationals testing the week of March 10th. 


The Chase”
For the SGMP ET Champion
“The Chase” The 2014 SGMP ET Series Racing Season format will be exciting and well received; FTI & SGMP come together in an all out effort to bring you one of the most exciting bracket programs ever put together it will remain the championship format for many years to come. “The Chase” will be run very similar to the NHRA countdown with points earned through the regular season February thru August to try to qualify for a Top 15 finish and a spot in “The Chase Playoffs”. To qualify for the playoffs a racer must finish in the top 15 in points in their respective class. Each of the top 15 qualifiers will then go into a four race playoff for their class championship.
“The Chase” to the Championship Playoff Program
The 18 event E.T. Series Racing Season will be divided into two distinct point Chases: the 14 race regular season (see drag schedule) and the four race playoffs. After the first 14 races, only the top 15 will advance into the playoffs, and their points will be reset according to their finish during the regular season (see below). The 15 drivers will then compete for the SGMP track championship at the season’s final four races.
Free: Points Enrollment the first time you purchase a tech card at any points earning event - it’s that easy!
To qualify for “The Chase Playoffs” the racer must finish in the top 15 in Super Pro & Pro; top 10 in Jr Dragster & Street ET in points in their respective class.
Points will count for all Buy Backs.
“The Chase” Playoffs”
All Top 15 Chase Playoff Qualifiers in Super Pro & Pro will start the playoffs with points based on their finish in the regular season (see playoff points below)
Points will be earned the same during the Playoffs as they were during the regular season. All playoff eligible racers will run along with all other racers during each of the four playoff races, no special pairings will be held.
During the Chase Playoffs, only those racers who qualified will earn points toward the 2014 SGMP ET championship, of courseeveryone will earn points toward the 2015 SGMP ET championship countdown.
“The Chase Playoffs Dates” for 2014 season will be held August 23rd & 24th and September 13th & 14th to crown our champions.         
If a race is rained out or canceled for any reason that is beyond or control it will not be rescheduled, the playoffs would be shortened to just the completed races.
Starting Points for the Top 15 Playoff Qualifiers in Super Pro; Top 10 in Jr Dragster and Street ET.
1)    170                    6) 125                   11 thru 15)   100
2)    150                    7) 120
3)    140                    8) 115
4)    135                    9) 110
5)    130                   10) 105


Guaranteed Purses that also includes Round Money!
 Super Pro     Entry $65.  Buy Back $40.
 Winner  $1,500.
 Runner Up  $400.
 7th RL  $250.
 6th RL  $200.
 5th RL  $150.
 4th RL  $100.
 3rd RL  $50.
  Over 75 entries pays $2,000. to Win
  Pro ET     Entry $40.  Buy Back $25.
 Winner  $700.
 Runner Up  $300.
7th RL  $150.
6th RL  $120.
5th RL  $90.
4th RL  $60.
3rd RL  $30.
 Over 60 entries pays $1,000. to Win

Special Note:  Super Pro a 7 round race the payout for the semi's would be $200. & in Pro the payout would be $120.

Again, this year enrollment into the points program for all racers is absolutey FREE!  When you take into consideration that many tracks are simply cutting back and or eliminating their bracket programs altogether, we take pride in our effort and commitment to continue improving and expanding our bracket program; please do your part in helping us make The 2014 Racing Season a huge success.

Kim, Tim & Rowland

Have Fun!  That's What It's All About


  Super Pro Pro Street Jr.'s
1st $2,500. $1,500. $500.   $500.
2nd $1,000. $500. $200.   $200.
3rd $500. $300.  $100.  $100.
4th $400. $200.  $50.  $50.
5th $300.  $50.  $50.  $50.
   Total Payout  Total Payout  Total Payout  Total Payout
   $4,700. $2,600.   $900.  $900. each
Have  Fun!  That's What It's All About




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