Dragstrip Schedule Detail:

Super Buck Blast VI

Super Buck Blast VI

Wednesday October 30 - Gates will open at 12 Noon for parking and will remain open all weekend for your convenience.  Please come to the main concession area for your tech cards and crew passes.
Thursday October 31  
 Tech & Registration Opens @  8:00am
 Time Runs  9:00 am - 1:00 pm
 Eliminations to Follow time Runs  
 Friday November 1  
 One (1) Time Run @  9:00 am
 Eliminations to Follow  
 Duck Race Following 4th Round of Main Event. 
 Saturday November 2  
One (1) Time Run @ 9:00 am
Eliminations to Follow  
Super 64 Shoot-Out following Main Event  
Sunday November 3  
Eliminations @ 10:00 am
 Duck Race Following 4th Round of Main Event.  


Super Buck Blast Racer Information:

The South’s Place to Race!



  • Track Radio Station 89.7 FM
  • It is the responsibility of the participant, not SGMP to ensure that all safety equipment is approved, correctly installed, maintained and used.
  • Timing system Compulink w/ Cross talk.
  • All odd number staging lanes are LEFT lane and even numbers are RIGHT lane.
  • Once you are committed to a lane you may not pull out unless instructed to do so.
  • If you break in the staging lanes, you must stay and notify a track official.
  • One (1) Bye-Run per Driver. (unless everyone has had one) Reaction time decides the bye run and lane choice. (If there is a tie in reacts the bye will go to the closest over the dial, if you’re both under it goes to the closest to the dial.) 
  • One (1) Bye-Run per round, determined by reaction time. (meaning 1 bye between dragsters and door-cars)
  • Bye-Run will run the last car in the lanes for that round and have lane choice.
  • Bye-Run does NOT carry to the next round, “Use-It-Or-Lose-It”. If you have the bye and have to run a competitor and win the round, you will be eligible for the bye-run in future rounds.  
  • Dial In must be posted 3 pairs back from head of staging.
  • Dial In is the driver’s responsibility, NO RE-RUNS will be granted.
  • No down track stutter boxes.
  • Lane Choice, if single file line first car out gets lane choice. Starting with 4th round and the laddered rounds, will by the better reaction time from the previous round.
  • If you break before you cross the head of staging, you will have 2 minutes before you are disqualified, once you have entered the water box you will have 30 seconds before you are disqualified.
  • No Double Entries No Exception (1) driver per car, the car may only go down the track one time per round, but one driver with two cars permitted no tech cards will be sold after the start of first round.
  • All rounds will be called in sessions by car numbers, odd or even.
  • A ladder will start at 8 cars (combination of dragsters and door-cars totaling 8), pairings based on reaction time (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5). Lane choice will be determined by the better reaction time from the previous round.

 The Staff of SGMP looks forward to seeing you at the track. Good Luck and drive safe. 


***Important Notice**

SGMP reserves the right that any time during this event you may be asked to report directly to the tech area for inspection. Any ignition box, wiring or device that is found being used illegally or not meeting the NHRA rules, the individual involved will be forced to forfeit all winnings and entry money.


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